The music of the film was thought in collaboration with versatile French flutist and composer Magic Malik. We worked together on choosing tunes from his discography, which brings both variety and unity to the film’s soundtrack.

photo de Karim El Dib

One tune has a very special connection to Argentina, as it comes from « Alti Plano », a disk born from the encounter of the Magic Malik Orchestra with renowned Argentine charango player Jaime Torres and percussionist Minino Garay (also Argentine, residing in Paris).

List of tunes:
Odessa, Le Tueur, Amerigo (Short Cuts, 2011)
Holly, Happy New Yeah, Rag-A (Joyeuse année 2015, 2015)
Chant Amérindien (Alternate Steps, 2012)
Chunky Delice (Tranz Denied, 2013)
Si tu me olvidas (Altiplano, Magic Malik, Minino Garay, Jaime Torres, 2008)

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